Jamshid Jam (setar and live-electronics album; collaborated with Jean-François Charles)
Dissolution (a short experminetal 16mm by Jenelle Stafford)
The Parking Spaces (a series of site-specific listening experiences curated with Stephanie MiracleSteven Willis; in colaboration with a group of artists)
Mammal Hall (A collaborative experimental dance movie with Stephanie Miracle and Auden Lincoln-Vogel)


threshold (Poetry: Donika Kelly, Choreography: Melinda Jean Myers, in collaboration with dancers)

Three Short Dreams for solo piano

Three short pieces for solo soprano

unbearability (for flute, percussions, electric guitar, and viola)

Whatif(s) (for flute, clarinet in Bb, soprano, violin and cello)

verged (for string quartet)

Between the Cracks; A collaborative dance project between Eloy Barragan (Choreographer), Manuel Becerra (poet),
Marlene Coronel & José Ortiz (dancers), and Hector Lara (videographer)

Walking on Sol (a 2-channel colaborative video-art with Nima Bahrehmand)
Status of Pietà (a colaborative video-art with Nima Bahrehmand)


Hyperdistanced (A collaborative experimental dance movie with Stephanie Miracle and Auden Lincoln-Vogel)

Mammals in Captivity (Podcast) - Audio
Three Sketches for solo cello 

irreversibility (for string quartet)

Disambiguation of Miriam (for solo flute) on a poem by Carolina Ebeid, Audio, Video, Poem


r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r (for soprano and double bass) on a poem by E. E. Cummings - Video, Audio, Poem

irreducibility (for solo double bass) - Video

Jamshid Jam (a collaborative live-electronic piece with Jean-François Charles) - Audio, Video
Oh Hour of My Muse (for SATB choir) on a Poem by Reiner Maria Rilke
Du (for soprano, bassoon, and viola) on a Poem by Erich Fried


Abstract #1 (for solo Piano)
Déjà Vu (for solo Trombone)
Whenness (fixed media)
Untitled (fixed media)
Bleu (for harp, oboe, clarinet, and recorded recitation of a poem by Ahmad Shamlou)
Abstract #2 (for human voice or any instrument)

Abstract #3 (for 6 speakers)
Sounds We Hear, Those We Don’t (video with electronic sounds) - Video
Untitled (for solo cello) - Video


Concerto for Orchestra (in one movement)


Wind’s Home (for soprano and piano); based on a poem by Forough Farrokhzad
Opaque (for string quartet) - Video
Amorphous Aphorism (for viola and electronic sounds)
Momentum (for solo cello)

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